A Century of Radiation and Medical Physics at New York's Memorial Hospital

A Century of Radiation and Medical Physics at New York's Memorial Hospital

Author:  Judith Groch, John Laughlin, Jean St. Germain, Clifton Ling
ISBN:  9780944838082
Published:  January 2019 | 146 | Softcover

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Before the Beginning

Chapter 2: James Ewing, Radium, and the Birth of Medical Physics

A New and Improved Hospital
The Triumvirate and Their Gifts
The Douglas Trusts
More Radium
William Duane Builds Memorial Radium Plant
Henry Harrington Janeway

Chapter 3: Gioacchino Failla, Inventor of Radiation Biophysics and Radiobiology

Edith Quimby Arrives
Transition Years: 1918–1922
A 200 kV Machine, Radium, and Clinical Practice
Gold Seeds
More Space
Development of Radium Teletherapy and Other Progress
The Energy Race—the Development of Higher-kVp X-ray Units
Higher-Energy and Lower-Energy Sources
Development of Radiation Protection Standards
Growing Demand for Treatment Results in New Problems
The Move to a New Site for Memorial Hospital
Cancer and World War II
More About Failla
Failla Moves to Columbia University
Alfred Sloan, Charles Kettering, and the Sloan Kettering Institute
New Leaders

Chapter 4: John S. Laughlin: A Founder of Medical Physics

A Cyclotron at the Sloan Kettering Institute
Radiation Oncology: Coming of Age
The Era of Cobalt
1967: New Department—the Firestone Center
The Arrival of Linear Accelerators
Treatment Planning and Dosimetry
Simulators Arrive
Radium Bows Out: Act I
Radium Disposal: Act II
Brachytherapy Development after Radium

Chapter 5: Educational Programs and the J. S. Laughlin Visiting Professorship

Laboratory and Intensive Courses for Residents
Research and Clinical Training Programs for Medical Physics Postdoctoral Fellows and Residents
John S. Laughlin Visiting Professorships

Chapter 6: Radiation Protection

Early Works in Radiation Safety
Professional Radiation Protection Societies and Their Influence
The “Atoms-for-Peace” Program and the “Radioisotope Revolution”
More than Half a Century of Progress in Radiation Protection
Radiation Safety in the New Millennium

Chapter 7: Radiation Biophysics Arrives at MSKCC

Early Research
Further Development in Radiation Biophysics

Chapter 8: Computer-Assisted Treatment

Punched Cards and Tabulating Machines
Early Role for Computers
Memorial’s Time-Sharing Computation Service
New Treatment Planning and Data Management Systems
Radiation Dose Calculation
Evolution in Computer Platforms
3D Conformal Radiation Treatment Planning
Multi-Leaf Collimators
Computer-Controlled Treatment Delivery
Clinical Implementation of IMRT
Electronic Image-Based Treatment Guidance and Verification
Medical Physics Computing Service for Radiology and Radiation
Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
Computer-Assisted Brachytherapy

Chapter 9: Nuclear Imaging Physics

Radionuclide Therapies
The Growth of Nuclear Medicine
Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Molecular Imaging

Chapter 10: C. Clifton Ling—A New Era for Medical Physics

Early Years
MSKCC: Part One
The Intervening Years
MSKCC Part 2: Recruitment
“The best job in the field of medical physics”
The Ling Years: Forward March
Scanditronix MM50
Medical Physics Reorganized and Streamlined: New Services
Strategic Planning (1990)
1995 Leadership Evaluation
Biophysical Modeling
Development of IMRT at Memorial Hospital
IMRT QA Procedures
Arrival of PACS (Picture Archive and Communication System)
Growing Pains
MSK Expansion Involving Diagnostic Physics
MSK Expansion Involving Radiation Oncology Physics
1997—Evaluation of the Department and Strategic Planning
Image Guidance for Radiotherapy
Portal Imaging
Development of Volumetric Image Guidance
The MV-CBCT Project
Image-Guided Treatment Facility with an In-room CT
The Stereotactic Body Frame
Image Guidance and The Development of Spine Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) at MSKCC
The Move to Strict Image Guidance and the MSKCC Paraspinal Immobilization Cradle
MV Image Guidance for Spinal Treatments
The Varian On-Board Imaging System
Geometric Quality Assurance of the Linac kV Imaging System
Clinical Impact of Image Guidance
Brachytherapy—Further Development
Multi-Disciplinary Radiation Sciences Together Again
New Role for Imaging in Treatment Planning
Finally Together Again: Sciences of Radiological Imaging and Treatment
The Harold Varmus and Robert Wittes Era



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