#35 Uncertainties in External Beam Radiation Therapy (AAPM 2011 Summer School)

#35 Uncertainties in External Beam Radiation Therapy (AAPM 2011 Summer School)  Price Reduced!

Author:  Jatinder R. Palta, T. Rock Mackie, Editors
ISBN:  9781930524521
Published:  2011 | 648 pp.  | Hardcover

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Dosimetric Uncertainties and Normal Tissue Tolerance
Ellen D. Yorke, Ph.D.

Chapter 2 Biologically Conformal Radiotherapy: Targeting Based on Biological
Robert Jeraj, Stephen Bowen, Michael Deveau, Paulina Galavis, and Ngoneh Jallow

Chapter 3 Immobilization from Rigid to Non-Rigid
Sanford L. Meeks, Ph.D.

Chapter 4 Uncertainties in Reference Dosimetry
Larry A. DeWerd, Ph.D., FAAPM, Tina L. Pike, M.S., John A. Micka, B.S., and Laura J. Bartol, M.S.

Chapter 5 Treatment Planning Dose
Jeffrey Siebers, Ph.D.

Chapter 6 Uncertainties in the Evaluation of Treatment Plans
Tommy Knöös, Ph.D., Hunor Benedek, M.Sc., Crister Ceberg, Ph.D., Per Nilsson, Ph.D., and Kristoffer Petersson, M.Sc.

Chapter 7 Motion Management Strategies
Gig S. Mageras, Ph.D., and Peng Peng Zhang, Ph.D.

Chapter 8 Margins and Margin Recipes
Marcel van Herk, Ph.D.

Chapter 9 Robust Optimization
Dualta McQuaid, Jan Unkelbach, Alexei Trofimov, and Thomas Bortfeld

Chapter 10 Limits of Precision and Accuracy of Radiation Delivery Systems
Jean M. Moran, Ph.D., and Timothy Ritter, Ph.D.

Chapter 11 Patient Setup Uncertainties (Interfraction)
Emilie Soisson, Ph.D.

Chapter 12 Developing a Rationale for Tolerance Values and Action Levels for the Performance of Planning
and Delivery Systems
Jatinder R. Palta, Ph.D., Hosang Jin, Ph.D., and Siyong Kim, Ph.D.

Chapter 13 Model Planning and Delivery Uncertainties
Siyong Kim, Ph.D., Hosang Jin, Ph.D., and Jatinder R. Palta, Ph.D.

Chapter 14 Image Guidance To Reduce Setup Error
Lei Dong, Ph.D., and Laurence Court, Ph.D.

Chapter 15 In Vivo Dosimetry for Patients Undergoing External Beam Radiation Therapy
Chester S. Reft, Ph.D.

Chapter 16 Dealing with Intrafraction Motion
Daniel A. Low, Ph.D.

Chapter 17 Uncertainties in Deformable Registration
Kristy K. Brock, Ph.D., Adil Al-Mayah, Ph.D., and Michael Velec, B.Sc., M.R.T.(T.)

Chapter 18 Uncertainties and Limitations in Adaptive Radiotherapy
Katja M. Langen, Ph.D.

Chapter 19 Challenges of Image-based Response Assessment in Radiation Therapy
James M. Balter, Ph.D.

Chapter 20 Current and Future Quality Practice
Todd A. Pawlicki, Ph.D., and Arno J. Mundt, M.D.

Chapter 21 New Paradigms for Quality Management in Radiation Therapy
M. Saiful Huq, Ph.D.

Chapter 22 Human Performance and the Quality and Safety of Radiation Therapy
Fang-Fang Yin, Ph.D., Haijun Song, Ph.D., Jacqueline Maurer, Ph.D., Jennifer O’Daniel, Ph.D., Eric Klein, Ph.D., and Peter B. Dunscombe, Ph.D.

Chapter 23 Summary of the Reports by the International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements on Prescribing, Reporting, and Recording in Radiation Therapy
T. Rock Mackie, Ph.D., and Vincent Grégoire, M.D., Ph.D., Hon F.R.C.R.

Chapter 24 Uncertainties in Selection and Delineation of Target Volumes and Organs at Risk in Head and Neck Tumors
Vincent Grégoire, M.D., Ph.D., Hon. F.R.C.R.

Chapter 25 Thorax
Joe Y. Chang, M.D., Ph.D.

Chapter 26 Assessment and Management of Uncertainties: Overview of Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
James Lamb, Ph.D., and Patrick Kupelian, M.D.

Chapter 27 Perspectives on Technology and Practices for Assuring Quality in Radiation Therapy Delivery
D. A. Jaffray, Ph.D., D. Létourneau, Ph.D., and M. K. Islam, Ph.D.