Mammography Quality Control: The Why & How Book

Mammography Quality Control: The Why & How Book   Price Reduced!

Author:  Calvin Myers
ISBN:  9780944838839      ISBN10:  0944838839a
Published:  1997 | 43 pp | 



Sample Questions [pdf format]

Intended for technologists working with mammography, this book provides concise answers to common questions about quality control for mammography. The text is formatted in a series of questions and answers written in a casual, easy to understand manner.

This book is an adjunct to the ACR Manual. It is based on questions that the author has been asked repeatedly by many mammographers. The objective is to explain the reasons for the QA tests. If you understand the reasons, you will find the ACR Manual easier to understand, the tests will make sense and be easier to do, and you will have less trouble deciding what to do if the test results are unsatisfactory. Remember, the ACR Manual is the primary reference.