About Us

Medical Physics Publishing (MPP) was founded in 1985 by Dr. John Cameron, professor emeritus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a visionary in the medical physics field. MPP's purpose is to provide affordable books in medical physics and related fields. We are a nonprofit, tax-exempt membership organization. MPP's books are written by and for physicists, residents, radiologists, and technologists. MPP's specific objective for our publications is primarily educational and scientific.

We provide the opportunity for our authors to publish texts, reference materials, and study guides, thus, both educating and keeping the medical physics community up to date. MPP maintains a comprehensive backlist of books, reports and theses in medical physics and closely related fields. MPP is unique in that we also distribute our publications to ensure they are readily available to our audience.

We are partnered with other nonprofits in the medical physics field to further their missions as well. In 1999, MPP became the official distributor and publisher of books and reports for The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM). We also publish works for the Health Physics Society and the Radiological and Medical Physics Society of New York (RAMPS, Inc.). Please look at the AAPM Books and Reports listing to learn about the many topics covered.