Medical Physics Publishing has eBooks for its more popular titles. eBooks are downloadable from our eBooks partner VitalSource.

How it works:

- Follow the instructions for ordering publications (see "How to Order" above)

- Please allow 24-48 hrs for us to process your order

- After we process your order, you will receive an e-mail with a key-code which you can redeem from VitalSource

- Log in or Register for an account at VitalSource (https://online.vitalsource.com)

- Enter the key-code to your account to add that eBook to your personal VitalSource library

Reading your ebooks:

VitalSource offers a web browser-based reader and an App you can download for Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android

The VitalSource App (similiar to the Kindle App) allows you to download your eBooks to "up to" 2 devices for reading anywhere

- Download the VitalSource App: http://support.vitalsource.com

Learn more about VitalSource: http://bookshelf.vitalsource.com