Physical, Chemical and Biological Targeting in Radiation Oncology: 7th International Conference on Dose, Time and Fractionation in Radiation Oncology  Price Reduced!

Author:  Minesh Mehta, Bhudatt R. Paliwal, and Soren M. Bentzen, editors
ISBN10:  1888340533
Published:  2006 | 341 pp. | 



This volume represents the work presented in the seventh of a series of conferences on dose, time, and fractionation in Radiation Oncology. (Previous volumes include Biological & Physical Basis of IMRT & Tomotherapy: 6th International Conference on Dose, Time, and Fractionation in Radiation Oncology and Volume & Kinetics in Tumor Control & Normal Tissue Complications: 5th International Conference on Dose, Time, and Fractionation in Radiation Oncology.) At the 7th ICDTF, the invited national and international faculty and the host faculty presented an update of the current status of multimodality targeted cancer therapy. This book outlines new research opportunities that were identified, and the relevance of each of the topics to clinical practice in radiation oncology. Intended for advanced practitioners, topics covered include the current status of the philosophy and methodology of targeted multimodality therapy; analysis of the interplay between dose distribution, fractionation, and chemical/biological agents; technological advances in radiation therapy planning and delivery; the role of functional and molecular imaging in target volume definition, in intra-individual dose prescription, and in monitoring the response to radiation therapy; and identifying mechanisms, programs, and resources to further support and implement the investigational strategies described.