#27 Accreditation Programs and the Medical Physicist: 2001 AAPM Summer School Proceedings  Price Reduced!

Author:  Robert Dixon, Priscilla Butler, and Wlad Sobol, eds.
ISBN10:  1930524048
Published:  2001 | 364 pp. | 



The topic of accreditation programs in medical imaging and radiation oncology is one of growing importance to medical physicists. Accreditation is frequently required by federal and state regulators, as well as by medical insurance companies for reimbursement. The intent of this book is to provide a broad overview of the accreditation programs currently available, as well as some programs in development; to illustrate the physical principles related to the image; and to illustrate what is required to provide acceptable images and a suitable program in order to become accredited. Accreditation requirements in radiation oncology are also described.