#30 Specifications, Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance of Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Systems in the Digital Era  Price Reduced!

Author:  Lee Goldman and Michael Yester, editors
ISBN10:  1930524218
Published:  2004 | 300 pp.  | Hardcover



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This book provides comprehensive and cohesive instruction in the technology and evaluation of radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging, particularly those incorporating digital image receptors. The tools needed for specifying, inspecting, and evaluating these systems are used as a unifying frame-work for reviewing the state-of-the-art of radiographic and fluoroscopic systems, the principles of image quality analysis, the technolgy and digital receptors, and techniques available to evaluate - and maintain - the clinical performance of these systems. Emphasis is on clinical practicality, clinical applicability, and consistency, with guidelines and recommendations from various sources.