Medical Physicists and Malpractice (softcover)

Author:  Robert Shalek & David Gooden
ISBN:  9780944838655      ISBN10:  0944838650
Published:  1996 | 140 pp | Softcover



This book explains legal issues as they pertain to medical physicists and contains valuable suggestions for avoiding and handling malpractice suits. Some of the issues covered include substantive law, explanations of legal procedures and the kinds of evidence that can and cannot be used in a law suit; how to reduce errors and limit liability by following specified quality assurance principles, and what to do if you are sued. Examples of actual malpractice cases are given and commented on--both from a legal and a physics point of view. Although the authors are primarily medical physicists, they both hold law degrees and have served as expert medical physics witnesses in court. As a result, they are uniquely qualified to write this very important book. Also useful for radiation oncologists, diagnostic radiologists, dosimetrists and radiation therapists.