#3 The Physics of Medical Imaging: Recording System Measurements and Techniques

Author:  Arthur G. Haus, ed.
ISBN:  9780883182604
Published:  (1979 Summer School) |  624 pp | 



The Primary purpose of this book is to provide information on medical imaging systems in terms of their basic characteristics, correct and established methods and measurements for revaluation, and selection and use for various diagnostic imaging procedures. The volume is divided into six sections:

1. Screen-film Systems,
2. Image Intensifier Systems,
3. Electrostatic Systems,
4. CT Scanning, Ultrasound, and Nuclear Medicine,
5. Diagnostic Imaging procedures and Techniques,
6. Image evaluation.

Besides the 34 papers based on each faculty member's lecture, written specifically for the course and this book, key question-and-answer discussions follow each section. Editing, format revision, and improved illustrations distinguish this book from that received by course participants.