#35 Uncertainties in External Beam Radiation Therapy (AAPM 2011 Summer School) (CD-ROM Version)  Price Reduced!

Author:  Jatinder R. Palta, T. Rock Mackie, Editors
ISBN:  9781930524538
Published:  2011 |  | CD-ROM

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This text was developed for the AAPM 2011 Summer School in Burnaby, British Columbia. The focus of the summer school is to: (a) understand the potential sources of dosimetric uncertainties in radiotherapy: (b) evaluate the impact of these uncertainties on the accuracy and conformity of dose delivered to patients: (c) understand strategies for mitigating these uncertainties, and (d) understand the impact of these uncertainties on QA/QM. Summer School Program Objectives: - Provide in-depth understanding of sources of uncertainties in external beam radiotherapy planning and delivery - Provide practical guidance in assessing the overall uncertainty of delivered dose to patients treated with different technologies - Provide practical guidance on mitigating sources of uncertainties and strategies for dealing with residual uncertainties - Impress upon the fact that "What You See Is Not What You Get (WYSINWYG)" and how to deal with it on patient-by-patient basis