#11 Electronic Imaging in Medicine

Author:  Gary D. Fullerton, William Hendee, J. Lasher, William Properzio, Stephen Riederer, eds.
ISBN:  9780883184547
Published:  1983 |  484 pp | 



The materials presented in this monograph were originally prepared for an international conference of the same title that was presented in San Antonio, Texas on March 27-April, 1 1983. The conference was sponsored by the Radiology Department, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas and was co-sponsored by the American Association of physicist in Medicine, the Bureau of Radiological Health, the International Organization of Medical Physics, the World Health Organization, and the Pan American Health Organization.

The purpose of the conference and this book was to pull together the disparate groups that are working on the application of electronic imaging techniques in medicine and provide an interface between high technology image engineering and medicine. The course succeeded in generating animated exchanges of viewpoint as well as basic information. The resultant book is offered to the reader as a beginning point in this important new field. A field that we feel holds great promise for improving the quality of human life in the decades to come.