Physics of Radiology

Author:  Anthony B. Wolbarst
ISBN:  9780944838952
Published:  1993 | 461 pp. |  Hardcover

Price:   $ 65.95





This is a textbook on the science and technology that underlie the creation of diagnostic medical images. It is written primarily for radiology residents and medical students in courses on the physics of radiology, and for other interested physicians. It will also be helpful to scientists and engineers seeking a qualitative introduction to the field of medical imaging. A primary aim of Physics of Radiology is to leave the reader with a clear and comfortable overview of how, for each of the principal imaging modalities, the basic science pieces fit together to form a coherent and integrated whole. Radiology residents who have "digested" the material in this book should have little difficulty with the radiological physics section of the American Board of Radiology certification examination.