Physics of Radiology, Second Edition

Author:  Anthony B. Wolbarst
ISBN:  9781930524224      ISBN10:  1930524226
Published:  2005 | 660 pp. |  Hardcover

Price:   $ 110.00


Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Scientific and Technical Basis
Radiation and MatterScientific Foundations for the Various ModalitiesAnalog and Digital Image InformationAnalog Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Imaging
X-Ray Imaging IV: Creation of an X-Ray BeamX-Ray Imaging V: Capturing the X-Ray Image on FilmX-Ray Imaging VI: FluoroscopyDigital Imaging
X-Ray Imaging VII: Digital X- Ray ImagingGamma Ray ImagingMagnetic Resonance ImagingUltrasound ImagingExperimental and Future Imaging TechnologiesRadiation Dose, Biological Effects, Risk, and Radiation Safety
Ionizing Radiation Dose, Biological Effects, and RiskRadiation Safety and Emergency ResponseSolutions to the Exercises
Some Symbols and Units